The HALO Trust

The HALO Trust is the world’s leading humanitarian mine clearance organization.

Cazengo Coffee is proud to partner with The HALO Trust in their work towards a mine-free world.

 Cazengo Coffee helps fund the efforts of The HALO Trust. Landmine removal restores priceless fertile land to farming communities and ensures children can walk to school and play safely.

"The Land at the End of the Earth"

National Geographic launched the Okavango Wilderness Project in order to protect the Okavango River Basin in Angola. 

 The HALO Trust has supported them every step of the way. Watch more to find out how.

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Landmine Free 2025

Two decades after Princess Diana’s iconic walk through a minefield in Angola, landmines continue to kill and maim vulnerable communities in the country. 

 Following in his mother’s footsteps, Prince Harry has pledged his support to achieving a Landmine Free 2025.

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"100 Woman in Demining Project"

HALO pioneering project in Angola aims to recruit and train at least 100 women in mine action. Watch more to find out how these women are gaining new skills, whilst making land safe.

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Today alone, 24 people will be injured or killed by a landmine – and more than 40% of them will be children.

Click on the logo below to visit The HALO Trust and learn more about a mine-free world.