In 2010 Café Cazengo was founded by Mr. Miguel in the Cazengo province of Angolan Africa. Miguel's family had been coffee farmers in this regain for generations and generations prior to the wars. Miguel and his family became one of the countless refugees that fled their farm lands in 1975 due to the onslaught of the wars. 

In 1994 Miguel started attending University of Michigan and received his degree in business administration and his masters in Economics at the Ross Business School. As the wars in Angola came to an end and independent Nation needed educated leaders Miguel made the discussion to return home to help rebuild the independent nation. After years of hard work Miguel turned his attention to restoring his once beloved farming community back to the days that his parents and grandparents had lived. When the smell of Coffee covered all corners of their village.

Started the Co-op ..providing material to refurbish local institutions.. fund the replanting of the coffee trees, funding of Farming equipment the safe removal of landmines, Partnership with Cana to create Cazengo coffee.

Angola Coffee


Cazengo Coffee is the very first to import Angolan Coffee to the shores of the United States since 1975. Our business has grown ever since. We have been served in the Main Dining Room at the World Bankin Washington DC, served at the National Geographic museum for the premier of ‘into the Okavango”. We are sold on the shelves of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. We have been spotlighted at the Angolan Embassy on Passport dayallowing for thousands of people to taste Cazengo Coffee. We are also proud to have partnered with The HALO Trust in working toward a mine-free world by 2025!

Angola Coffee


To touch and change the lives of those that produce this wonderful bean, their families, and the communities that surround them. We go to the most difficult places, to the inaccessible, to reach those communities and to get something of uncalculated value to them. 

To touch and change the lives of those who passionately drink coffee and want to experience a coffee of superior taste, 100% organic that makes them go back in time when coffee was really coffee. 

 We are superior farmers connecting with superior consumers.

Angola Coffee